The Liebster Award

Hi everyone! It's time for another post, and this time I will be answering questions from the Liebster Award. Thank you to Eline @ Aquapages for nominating me! The Rules Answer the 11 questions you’ve been askedNominate 11 other bloggersAsk your nominees 11 questionsLet them know you’ve nominated them Questions Which book would you recommend … Continue reading The Liebster Award


Book Review: Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World by Rachel Ignotofsky

Overall, Women in Science a really cute book. Although aimed for younger girls, anyone can read it, regardless of age or gender. I also never buy books, but I bought this one! I knew it would be worth it, since my library doesn't have it and I would like to have some inspiration in my life.

Review: The Verge’s “Better Worlds” Sci-Fi Series

I'm not sure if many of you guys follow The Verge, but I am subscribed to their YouTube channel, which is how I found out about their sci-fi series, "Better Worlds." This collection consists of 10 short stories, 5 animated shorts, and 5 audio adaptations (I believe they are just readings of the short stories … Continue reading Review: The Verge’s “Better Worlds” Sci-Fi Series

Top 5 Wednesday: Characters That Embody Your Hogwarts House

Time for another Top 5 Wednesday post! If you didn't know already, this is a weekly book meme. You can find the details and Goodreads group here.  This week is: Characters That Embody Your Hogwarts House. I'm slightly changing this to books that embody your Hogwarts house. My Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw. I guess that … Continue reading Top 5 Wednesday: Characters That Embody Your Hogwarts House

Book Review: Evermore by Sara Holland

Well…that was disappointing. I absolutely loved Sara Holland’s first book, Everless, but was disappointed with this second installment. That being said, it isn’t all bad and I definitely see room for improvement. First off, I really liked the ending. It serves as good closure for the story and includes some themes that pleasantly surprised me. In this ending, we also see the complexity in Jules and Caro’s relationship—they’re enemies but it’s not that black and white.

Book Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Honestly, that was pretty damn entertaining. There are a few potential flaws with Red Queen, but I’m still giving it 4 stars because it’s just really fun. Mare Barrow is a Red, and Reds are treated as inferior to the power-wielding Silvers (they are distinguished by the color of their blood). When Mare tries to save her friend from conscription, she ends up working for Silvers and later learns of her own unlikely power, one that changes everything.