About Me

Hello there, I’m Kristen! Welcome to my blog, Beyond Secret Pages.

I am a reader, writer, blogger, nerd, and dedicated student. I currently go to a STEM/engineering high school in the United States. I’m also *literally* one of the only people who enjoy this school (lol). Although I have not yet decided what my career will be, I’m probably going to go into some sort of STEM field. Even though STEM and humanities are treated as polar opposites, I love both. I will occasionally post some of my writing on this blog, along with the main book-related stuff.

I believe in learning, and mainly using science to help us as a species. I’m especially interested in genetic engineering/biology in general, as well as using computers to help us understand diseases. This really comes into play with artificial intelligence and deep learning. As of now, my dream career is something that combines concepts of biology and computers.

I’m also quite passionate about mental health and representation in today’s world, especially diverse reads.

In my free time, I like to study biology and computer science. Either that, or you might find me writing some questionable short stories and procrastinating. Or having an existential crisis. Perhaps even reading a book…

I write reviews for many of the books I read, but sometimes the review isn’t long enough to get its own blog post. If that’s the case, I do have star ratings and short reviews on my Goodreads!


5 stars: I loved it so much! The book was really surprising and impressed me. I have absolutely nothing bad to say and definitely recommend it.

4 stars: I really liked it but some aspects just didn’t impress me or there were some flaws.

3 stars: Mediocre; not terrible but not amazing.

2 stars: It was okay, but there were more flaws than enjoyable parts.

1 star: I have nothing good to say about this book and don’t recommend it.

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